Aluminum Finishing

Specific Color Solutions for Aluminum Finishing
Clariant has a long history of providing high quality colorants, process chemicals and printing inks for the anodizing industry worldwide. We maintain a leading position in our industry by focusing on quality and service.

We manufacture and distribute partly, via our reliable partners Omya and Reliant, a full range of dyes, of which many are patented and therefore exclusive. Our Sanodal® range of dyes offers unsurpassed fastness properties.

Process Chemicals
Together with our electrolytic coloration products the process chemicals lead the industry in their ability to color architectural profiles in a uniform and consistent manner.

Preparations for Printing Inks
The Aluprint™ printing inks are specially formulated to “lock in” multi-colored text and patterns into the anodized Aluminum coating.
Colorants for Anodized Aluminum
Sanodal® – Indoor & OutdoorSanodure® – IndoorSanodye® Heavy Metal free
Anodal® Process chemicals
for Anodized Aluminum
Aluprint® Printing Inks
for Anodized Aluminum
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